Fefe Reader

Fefe Reader

The app to read Fefe's blog

Welcome to Fefe Reader. This is the app you need if you want to be able to read Fefe's blog really well on your iPhone.

The app is state-of-the-art, open-source and of course available for free. No advertising. But there are great new features, like bookmarks or notifications for new blog entries.


The app has several features to improve the reading experience for Fefe's blog.

Fast loading

The app loads content really quick. Even on slow internet connections.

Offline reading

Blog entries will be downloaded and stored in a local database. Once they are downloaded you can read them at any time.


You can mark your favourite blog entries to find them even faster.


FefeReader checks the blog regularly in the background and notifies you if Fefe publishes new blog entries.

Internal browser

Links to other website will be opened in an internal browser. So you don't need to leave the app for reading it.

Configuration options

The app offers quite a lot of configuration options so you can customize your experience.

You have an idea for a new feature for the app? Just create a new issue on Github.

Main app screen Main app screen

Clean design

The app has a very clean design. No extras to distract you from the best experience you can have reading Fefe's blog.

Slightly grayed out entries show what you've already read. And if an entry has changed after you've read it, that's made clear to you as well.

Bookmarks give you the option to remember special or noteworthy blog entries so you can find them again more quickly later.

Data Privacy

The app Fefe Reader does not collect any data. All accruing data is stored exclusively on the device itself. No information is sent to any other location.

When the app is uninstalled from the device, all data that was previously accumulated is deleted.


In case of questions, support cases or ideas, please open a Github issue.

For pure feedback, please use the Github discussions.